[maemo-users] N810 : Pbs with speaking software

From: Didier COURTAUD didier.courtaud at cea.fr
Date: Fri Jul 1 10:12:32 EEST 2011
Hi all,

I am actually looking at software allowing my N810 tablet to speak
in order to use it with Navit.

I first tried "flite" and it work well
but it speaks English and I have not found how to make it speak other
languages ?

So I tried to install "espeak" and it installs "without problem" ( says
the Application Manager).

But when I try to make it speak using for instance in a command line :

espeak -vfr "bonjour"

I get the error :

wave_open_sound > Pa_OpenStream : err=_9996 (Invalid device)

Any help will be appreciated !

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