[maemo-users] N900 consumes too much power

From: rixed at happyleptic.org rixed at happyleptic.org
Date: Sun Aug 5 12:18:13 EEST 2012
-[ Sun, Aug 05, 2012 at 10:52:29AM +0200, Pavel ??ezní??ek ]----
> Dear comaemoers,
> I have recently read an article, a review of Nokia N900. The reviewer stated that his device lasts 3 days on battery when only sometimes calling or writing SMS.
> This is what I hardly can believe because my N900 lasts only 3, max. 6 hours on battery and then the battery gets discharged.
> Was the reviewer kidding or is something wrong with my mobile computer?

Mine, whith it's quite old battery, can probably last 2 days with this
kind of usage (but browsing the web on wifi empty the batterie on 3/4

I'd say you have a program installed that ruins the battery life.

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