[maemo-users] N900 consumes too much power

From: Michael Rösch maemo at dobiwe.de
Date: Sun Aug 5 19:06:32 EEST 2012
Am 05.08.2012 10:52, schrieb Pavel Řezníček:
> Dear comaemoers,
> I have recently read an article, a review of Nokia N900. The reviewer
> stated that his device lasts 3 days on battery when only sometimes
> calling or writing SMS.
> This is what I hardly can believe because my N900 lasts only 3, max. 6
> hours on battery and then the battery gets discharged.
> Was the reviewer kidding or is something wrong with my mobile computer?
> I have recently bought a new battery and the effect is minimal.
> My device was in repair service already and they changed the
> motherboard. It helped a bit but I never made it to that 3 days on battery.
> Any ideas? :-)

The biggest leap in saving enery is to use smart-reflex.
Thus for you have to install kernel-power 50.
Please read all instructions in the wiki carefully before doing so.
Installing latest CSSU is recommended too.

CU Michael
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