[maemo-users] N900 consumes too much power

From: Pavel Řezníček cigydd at gmail.com
Date: Sun Aug 5 21:30:13 EEST 2012
Dne 5.8.2012 20:17, Andrew Flegg napsal(a):
> On 5 August 2012 19:07, Pavel Řezníček <cigydd at gmail.com> wrote:
>> After the suggestions of others, I think one problem is that I'm connected
>> all the time to my WiFi at home. But it isn't everything. Even when not
>> connected (while I'm outdoors), the battery lives for hours, never days.
>> I'll try to investigate the battery killer ;-)
> Maintaining a TCP/IP connection drains the battery; so things like IM
> accounts are the antithesis of long battery life. Some protocols are
> also "thirstier" than others.
> It's a shame, because one of the advantages of Maemo 5 is its design
> to be always connected. Unfortunately, that isn't conducive to
> multi-day battery life.
> Some of the other power (limited QA, mainstream Linux userland, full
> multitasking) also makes it very easy for software (including Nokia's)
> to accidentally drain the battery by not being well written, not using
> the heartbeat functionality and not stopping doing things when not in
> the foreground.
> HTH,
> Andrew

Yes, you are right, Andrew. I should then use a connection stopper 
application. Thank you for the tips.
Still, I suspect that something else drains the battery power because I 
never did it to a day up and running, even when offline.

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