[maemo-users] N900 consumes too much power

From: Pavel Řezníček cigydd at gmail.com
Date: Fri Aug 10 02:12:52 EEST 2012
Dne 7.8.2012 09:36, Jan Knutar napsal(a):
> On Sunday 05 August 2012, Pavel Řezníček wrote:
>> My Maemo and N900 knowledge is maybe abnormal (abnormally poor). I
>> neearly sure not to have a properly configured device. Now it comes
>>   the special moment when I begin to study how to get my N900 properly
>>   configured :-)
> Properly configured is something like what the device is like when taken
> out of the retail box after buying it.. Maybe removing the location
> widget and the calendar widget from the desktops.
> Then after that there are lots of things you can install and do to make
> it burn battery.
> For example, if you turn off wifi power saving and connect to wifi, you'd
> go down from several days of standby, to 6 hours of standby. Also if
> your wifi access point doesn't support wifi powersaving, or has
> broken/buggy wifi powersaving. (Which is probaly why one would turn it off
> on N900) You said it happens also when not on wifi, so I guess that's the
> problem in this case.
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Thank you, Honzo.
So you suggest me to remove the calendar widget from the desktop? I have 
it there… Yes, it consumes about 1% of CPU time…
Yes, location widget! Wow, how did you guess? :-D It goes out of the 
window right away. Also about 1% of CPU time.
I have WiFi power saving enabled.

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