[maemo-users] Troubles with Installation of Community SSU

From: Michael Rösch maemo at dobiwe.de
Date: Sun Jan 1 17:02:35 EET 2012
Am 31.12.2011 21:46, schrieb Christophe Schockaert:

>> I think these are the conflicts you are mentioning in step 6- you must
>> agree to install all of this packages.
> Being not sure, I tried to go for the installation, but none of them
> seems to be installed.
> Basically, it says (I translate from my french terminal):
> "Unable to update 'libqtm-bearer'. Conflict between application
> packages. Continue installation ? [Details|No|Yes]"
> Then the same for the next one, and so on until the last one:
> 'libqtm-versit', where the only option is "Details".
> So, for each package, I can continue the installation but regarding each
> package, the message means "package not installed". And, indeed, in the
> end, when I "check for updates", it gives me the same list of 10
> packages...

I think that is the main reason for the failure because these packages
are crucial for the CSSU-Scripts I think.

Have you disabled all other repositories as it is pointed out in the
Wiki? Conflicts can only occur when another repository suggestst
another/newer version of related packages.


CU Michael
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