[maemo-users] Troubles with chrooted Debian

From: Pavel Řezníček cigydd at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 4 15:51:34 EET 2012
Dne 4.1.2012 14:19, Michael Rösch napsal(a):
> Am 03.01.2012 01:19, schrieb Pavel Řezníček:
>> Dear Michael,
>> thank you for your kind response!
>> I'm glad to know that running fsck before mounting is never a bad idea
>> OK, /the SD-card may really be broken,/ that's right. I have to go for
>> one and buy it (or via an e-shop) as soon as I have the time. Or, I may
>> /test this old one for bad blocks./
>> /
>> /
>> But /what was then wrong with my Debian when run from an image file/ on
>> the internal memory storage (/home/user/MyDocs/debian-m5-v3e.img.ext2)?
> That's a good point- frankly I don't know- maybe the explaination bellow
> also fits for this...
>> As I mentioned before, during the installation process of some more
>> packages, my N900 just went off regularly. Did you any time try to
>> /upgrade your whole Debian system/ ("sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get
>> upgrade" without specifying a package)? This is what I actually tried a
>> couple of times but always ended up in a switch-off in random stages of
>> the package installation, resulting in a severe filesystem damage inside
>> the Debian image file…
> Ah now it is ringing: this sound like this:
> "Then we'll do the dist-upgrade. Unfortunately Maemo has a very snappish
> watchdog that reboots your phone if it thinks it hangs due to a runaway
> process. This is almost certainly triggered when doing mayor package
> installations with normal process priority. So we'll do the dist-upgrade
> wit the lowest priority using the nice command:
> nice -n 19 sudo apt-get update
> nice -n 19 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"
> I never had this problem but maybe that is yours?
WOW!! This sounds very much like a solution! Thank you for this tip! 
Will try ASAP!
>> The case with the installation of the Lazarus IDE on the SD-card and on
>> an ext3 formatted partition might be related but also unrelated.
I’m now pretty sure it /is related./
>> So the next step is to check the card for physically bad blocks. I'll
>> give it a try and report the results
I still didn’t have the time and the rememberance to check the memory 
card’s partition for physically bad blocks. It’s still on the to do list 


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   Jméno('Pavel Řezníček');
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   Pracoviště('Korandův sbor', 'Anglické nábřeží 13', '301 00', 'Plzeň');
   Result := 'vývojář a správce sítě';

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