[maemo-users] n900 and laptop with Debian: what application to use on laptop for syncing?

From: Thonacd thon_ac_d at citycable.ch
Date: Sat Mar 24 16:39:53 EET 2012
Le 24. 03. 12 13:58, James Brown a écrit :
> On 23.03.2012 10:16, Andre Klapper wrote:
>> On Fri, 2012-03-23 at 10:03 +0000, James Brown wrote:
>>> I have n900 and laptop(s) with Debian Squeeze (with Gnome 2.3.20).
>>> As my main e-mail client on my laptop I use Icedove (v. 3.0.11). By some
>>> reasones I don't want to use Evolution.
>>> What is the better applications for my laptop for store contacts, agenda
>>> and etc. which can be syncronized with my n900?
>> See https://wiki.maemo.org/Sync
>> andre
> Thank you, but as I see there are no useful information for me.
> As a paranoid I don't use such thins as 'Google Calendars', 'Ovi' and etc.
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There still is Funambol that you can install on your computer (or on a 
local server). I've tried it for months. It worked great. It work for 
contacts, calendar, and tasks. The advantage for paranoids like some of 
us is that permit to synchronize with a lot of other devices or 
softwares. And if you need to do something else with it... well, it's 
free software.
Hope that helps (and excellent question about the IMEI)

PS: For the IMEI, maybe looking in Debian networks tools (you install 
.deb on N900) or maybe what they say about IMEI on telecomix.org . Happy 
Hacking! ;-)

Happy Hacking! ;-)
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