[maemo-users] debian repos for host-pc-connectivity don't work?

From: reini rrumberger at web.de
Date: Wed Mar 28 21:36:20 EEST 2012
Am Mittwoch 28.03.2012, 20:29:16 schrieb James Brown:
> On 28.03.2012 18:09, reini wrote:
> > Am Mittwoch 28.03.2012, 18:58:08 schrieb James Brown:
> >> After that I had the next result:
> >> Err http://pc-connectivity.garage.maemo.org intrepid/main *amd64*
> >> Packages
> >> 
> >>   404  Not Found
> > 
> > There are no packages for amd64, just for i386.
> > 
> >   --reini
> Is it possible to install them to my architecture? Will they work correct?

You're trying to install 32bit ubuntu packages on a (presumably more modern) 
64bit debian. I have my doubts whether it can work at all, especially since 
multiarch isn't too well supported in debian yet.
You may have better luck installing a 32bit Ubuntu Intrepid in a VM and doing 
the connectivity stuff there. (I haven't tried the PC connectivity stuff, so I 
don't know how useful that would be.)

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