[maemo-users] Critical and others problems with hostmode

From: James Brown jbrownfirst at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 29 15:28:58 EEST 2012
On 29.03.2012 11:19, Pali Rohár wrote:
> On Thursday 29 March 2012 10:34:10 you wrote:
>> On 29.03.2012 09:38, Pali Rohár wrote:
>>> On Thursday 29 March 2012 09:31:34 James Brown wrote:
>>>> On 29.03.2012 08:18, Pali Rohár wrote:
>>>>> On Thursday 29 March 2012 07:17:49 James Brown wrote:
>>>>>> Device - N900
>>>>>> OS - Maemo 5
>>>>>> V. 21.2011.38-1 (CSSU)
>>>>>> kernel-power 1:2.6.28-10power50
>>>>>> hostmode-gui 0.3
>>>>>> With that "hostmode-gui" (h-e-n) I can easily initialize
>>>>>> USB-device but it don't want to mount on my FS with that
>>>>>> gui.
>>>>>> So, I need to mount it (and umount) mannualy.
>>>>>> Today I found a critical problem with using h-e-n. I did
>>>>>> not
>>>>>> use it from the last summer and I don't remember what of
>>>>>> version of "kernel-power" I used  that time (of course.
>>>>>> not
>>>>>> v.50 as now :) ) and whether I used CSSU or not but I had
>>>>>> no
>>>>>> that problem at that time. (But at that time it needs for
>>>>>> me
>>>>>> to start bme mannualy after closing h-e-n windows becouse
>>>>>> it
>>>>>> didn't start automatically and at one time I even had
>>>>>> problems
>>>>>> with (re)booting my device).
>>>>>> Now, since today, when I close the "h-e-n" gui, my device
>>>>>> suddenly is shutting down and I need to boot it for
>>>>>> working
>>>>>> with it. How can I resolve the above-mentioned issues?
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> shutdown after closing h-e-n GUI can be caused by starting
>>>>> BME
>>>>> when bq27x00_battery driver is loaded. BME and
>>>>> bq27x00_battery
>>>>> cannot be loaded at same time. So make sure that
>>>>> bq27x00_battery is blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/* and
>>>>> also
>>>>> is NOT in list /etc/modules
>>>> Thanks. Yes, I have the bq27x00_battery driver is loaded:
>>>> lsmod | grep  bq27x00_battery
>>>> bq27x00_battery         6480  0
>>>> power_supply            6916  1 bq27x00_battery
>>>> I enabled it for purposes getting temperature as it
>>>> discribed
>>>> in the page "http://wiki.maemo.org/Overclocking"
>>>> So, if I want use h-e-n I need to disable it?
>>> You cannot run BME and bq27x00_battery together. So you can
>>> load bq driver when BME is stopped and before starting BME
>>> driver must be unloaded.
>> Thank you for that information. It is very pitty that that
>> issue was not described on that wiki-page.
>> As I can see after removing the bq27x00_battery module my
>> device become again able to reboot (earlier the command
>> `reboot` from terminal or using buttong in its menu only shut
>> down my device not reboot - and I didn't know why; now it
>> seems that it was from loading that module). But if
>> bq27x00_battery and BME cannot run together how can my device
>> was able to start?
> There is problem that BME and bq driver want to talking to bq 
> chip via i2c bus. For security reason this cannot be allowed, but 
> it is possible to start BME and then load driver (in this order). 
> This is bug in kernel and this situation is DANGEROUS!!!
>>> So normal usage is: stop BME, load bq driver.... then remove
>>> bq driver and start BME.
>>> h-e-n gui is stopping BME, so when h-e-n is open you can load
>>> bq driver, but do not forget to unload it before closing
>>> h-e-n.> 
>>>>> automounting FS in usb hostmode (without pressing mount
>>>>> button or mounting via terminal) will work if you update
>>>>> kernel-power to v50 and ke-recv to last version. Last
>>>>> version of ke-recv will be updated with next CSSU update.
>>>>> So
>>>>> wait for next CSSU and automouting will work.
>>>> Thanks for your answer.
>>>> But I was not strictly correct, I cannot mount it not only
>>>> automatically but also using mount-button in h-e-x. I can
>>>> mount only via terminal command.
>>> If you can mount it via terminal, automounting with new
>>> version of ke-recv will work. Wait for next CSSU. If it will
>>> not work with next CSSU + kp50 write me then.
>> Ok, if it will not work I'll write you, of course.
> PS: Keep CC in mailinglist too. Informations can be usefull for 
> other people too.

Thanks. Sorry, I sent that message you personally not to the list by
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