[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] [Task #154] REC-001: Restore DB

From: noreply at garage.maemo.org noreply at garage.maemo.org
Date: Fri Dec 1 11:39:28 EET 2006
Task #154 has been updated. 

Project: Maemo website to Midgard CMS
Subproject: Testing 1
Summary: REC-001: Restore DB
Complete: 0%
Status: Open

Description: Backup and restore all the content on both internal and external sites. Destroy data in both the mysql DBs and in /var/lib/midgard/blobs/midgard directories. Check if the sites are really damaged (missing content, lot's of warnings, errors etc). Restore the content that was backed up previously.
Expected result: 
Both the internal and external sites are back to normal, no missing content, no warnings or errors appear in the logs, neither in the browser.

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