[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Re: tasks in garage

From: Eero af Heurlin eero.afheurlin at nemein.com
Date: Mon Nov 6 22:34:13 EET 2006
Jozsef Pap wrote:
> Layout doesn't worry me nearly as much as replication does. Eero, could
> you give some information on how much is still undone (estimated work in
> hours, so I can check that we have enough time in calendars).

replication is exorcist issue, it does not work correctly on Midgard 1.8
(something you and bergie must remember until this is fixed), jlz looked
at the issue last week but the fix was harder than he thought so he
couldn't make it on friday as was the original plan between us.

He's now out of country but we'll talk again later this week.

We have an option for working around the problem but the workaround is a
bit ugly.


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