[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] question about composite

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Thu Nov 16 14:01:25 EET 2006

last time we created a frontpage schema which includes a composite
object. i noticed that someone (probably Rambo) made a change to the
schema_composite_child, now it includes an ajax helper thingy to work
around some issues.

i think there are problems with the composite component. for instance
adding several images as attachments work in the editor, but then in
aegir those attachments are not editable anymore.
or an other issue: removing an index page which has some images inside
this composite stuff will not succeed within aegir. one has to go and
remove the page from the mysql DB (article and article_i tables).
i also failed to replicate a frontapge that has several images (approval
was done of course).

i would appreciate if someone could give me some hints regarding the
composite stuff.


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