[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] question about composite

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Fri Nov 17 13:04:07 EET 2006

ext Eero af Heurlin wrote:
> Replication is one of the things that absolutely depends on the
> bookkeeping being done correctly (and now I will need to fix that
> manually somehow, if you still have the IDs of the rows deleted
> somewhere it will help), it simply cannot work without.
Thanks for the insights :) I managed to restore the system to a somewhat
consistent state. I did that by dumping the stage DB and importing that
dumped version to the live system. Afterwards I edited some recordin the
host table and the site is working again. (Many thanks to Piotras!)

Now the frontpage is the only one which does not get replicated. I am
sure it could be fixed with a clever mysql hack, but I just don;t want
to mess it up again. The rest of the articles do replicate just fine, as
well as the application catalog items.

> Also do remember that in 1.8 the "undelete" functionality exists even
> though it's only for developer testing use (and thus its existence is
> not advertised to the users), thus when object is deleted it's only
> marked as such but not actually removed from database (for that a
> separate purge method needs to be called). The legacy API always ignores
> such objects and MgdSchema API by default ignores such objects but can
> be requested to return them (and then the deleted flag can be cleared,
> to undelete the object, or purge be called to remove it for good).
How could I purge objects?

> In any case always use the MidCOM controls for managing the content, if
> no control exists you can fall back on Spider/Aegir but avoid that if
> you can, neither of them are in any way aware of the many things MidCOM
> does behind the scenes and if we someday start to use components that
> utilize the DBA watches then manipulating watched objects outside MidCOM
> DBA API will simply be forbidden.
This is very important indeed, I will remember it :)

> /Eero


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