[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Re: Application catalog feature request

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc.szekely at nokia.com
Date: Fri Nov 24 14:41:58 EET 2006

ext Guillem Jover wrote:
> I think the catalogue thingy in general is a workaround for the lacking
> of a proper repository where the "community" can upload packages after
> whatever reviewing steps may be needed, or whatever trust has been
> given to known members of such community.
Might be a workaround, but it is there, pretty concrete and not just an
urban legend like some other tools we have been discussing in the past ;)

> Also some of those "ports" are just recompilations, which I grant is
> Debian's "fault" (or ours depending on how we look at it ;) for not
> providing an armel arch, this should be comming soon now, I hope.
This will be great, if it happens.

> Supported already by packages.d.o.
> There's also:
>   <http://debtags.alioth.debian.org/cloud/>
>   <http://debtags.alioth.debian.org/ssearch.html>
>   <http://debtags.alioth.debian.org/fts.html>
>> I don't remember where I read, but I think you can also organize
>> dedicated changelog repos Guillem might know more
>   <http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/d/dbus/current/changelog>
>   <http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/d/dbus/current/copyright>
Do these tools work with dak, or are they using the dak database? If
yes, then I will not bother checking them (reason: we have no dak).

If no, then please point me to the sources of these tools.

> regards,
> guillem


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