[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Ideas for the new site structure

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at nemein.com
Date: Fri Oct 27 10:58:11 EEST 2006

In the process of migrating the Maemo.org site to Midgard we started
considering some restructuring for the site as well.

Here's the current idea:

* Front page
  - Short "Maemo - platform for ..." intro
  - Latest news including title and abstract
  - Latest Maemo release and updates to Application Catalog

* About
  - More information about Maemo
  - Screenshots
  - Presentations, with download and possibly slide display using
    the http://slideshare.net/ widget
  - License and Links (static pages)
  - Move FAQ and Roadmap to wiki
  - Maybe version the About area like GNOME and Midgard do?

* Downloads
  - Downloads for Maemo SDK and OS releases
  - Info box about Sardine
  - Info box about application catalog
  - Source availability information
  - Link to developer tools under Developers
  - Acknowledgements

* Documentation
  - the Wiki

* Community
  - Getting Involved
  - Mailing lists
  - IRC
  - Planet

* Developers
  - Developer tools
  - API docs (autogenerated using Doxygen and GTKdoc)
  - Bunch of HOWTOs and Tutorials (linked to Wiki)
  - Info box about Garage ("Host your Maemo app project")

* Applications
  - Browsable database

Many of the areas like lists of tutorials could probably be autogenerated
from wiki pages using tagging (for example create page listing all wiki
pages tagged with "hildon-ui" as the "UI tutorials" section).

Comments appreciated :-)

Henri Bergius
Consultant Partner, Nemein
henri.bergius at nemein.com

Midgard CMS

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