[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] website update

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at nemein.com
Date: Fri Apr 27 10:51:33 EEST 2007
Quim Gil wrote:
> In fact the Announcements block lists all the news written by us maemo
> core team. In other words, all the news listed now at
> http://test.maemo.org/news/ (5 most recent items).
> The News block lists the garage news produced by the community:
> http://garage.maemo.org/news/ (also 5 most recent items).

Ok. Then I need to do some changes to how these are pulled in.

On the first look, the Garage news feed looks OK, so we should be able
to aggregate it to the site.

I'll try it on my devel box first and then commit the needed style changes.

> Currently garage says Hosted Projects: 215 - Registered Users: 1,866.
> Ideally the numkbers in the home would be updated accordingly, in the
> meantime they can be static but let's just make sure we don't oversize
> the numbers.  :)

The numbers are generated from the accounts and "per project groups"
synchronized the Midgard from Garage.

We have to investigate at some point why the numbers differ from Garage.
Probably Gforge doesn't raise notifications when projects are deleted or

Another possibility is that we also count in the "non-public" projects
while Garage possibly doesn't.

> The featured project should be linked to the homepage of the project. In
> the case of Carman is http://carman.garage.maemo.org/ . This block is
> static today (?) but needs to be dynamic. Once we have released the site
> just tell me where should I upload graphics and texts of new featured
> projects.

I'll make it editable by editing the front page article.

Do you want to make it structurized (project name, image and text in
separate fields) or just one big blob of HTML?

> And now I'm going to talk about religion.  ;)  Should the frontpage have
> static or dynamic width?

The original design was dynamic. I'm kind of in favor of keeping it that
way, and making the front page areas slightly more flexible.

But final say is of course with you guys :-)


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