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From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Aug 13 12:53:27 EEST 2007
Hi Nils, let's see.

We are in the right path. Lots of comments still, though:

- Not that convinced about this graphical header, at least not while the
rest of pages don't have it. I think we can take it out, have the same
kind of header than the rest of section main pages and save that
vertical space.

- I miss screenshots. Real ones, not needing rework like the current
Carman example. At least the top entry should have screenshot, I would
even try with the top 3. The page would be much larger but I think much
more informative and nice-looking.

- Let's take out the "Top downloads" since we have no reliable way to
tell that and let's put instead the "Best rated" BLOCK.

- Ideally the Featured block should be top aligned with Latest and Best
rated, and have the same header/appearance. I think this horizontal axis
brings more balance to the page.

- See wild idea about dropping the search block altogether in another

- We need a more elegant way to present the statistics. I can come up
with specific ideas once we have a second draft with the rest of
suggested changes. think it's better not to show statistics or anything
shown about IT OS 2005. Users with this IT OS should upgrade, really.

- The Application Development is more about being a small block in the
top right. In fact, perhaps we can simply merge the "An introduction
text goes here" block with this one in a quite brief block in the top
right column.

- "Need assistance" can be just a Help button somewhere, next to an "add
your application" button. The first one is help for users, the second
one help for developers. Both together... somewhere (can suggest where
once we have a second draft).

- If we get rid of the introductory text in the top body we could place
there the categories. This means that the body would have only
categories + top rankings with nice screenshots, and all the rest would
go to the column.

About distinction between different IT OS, what about an icon somewhere
showing you the device(s) compatible? At the end people are
device-centric and it tells them more than 2006 or 2007. Let's discuss
this. I also like Henri's idea about IT OS colors.

On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 11:48 +0300, ext Ferenc Szekely wrote:
> On 8/9/07, Niels Breet <maemo at breet.com> wrote:
> >
> > [snip]
> > > We plan the followings:
> > > -users browsing the catalog with a tablet will get the apps that are
> > > matching their OS version by default. they can of course browse other
> > > applications as well. -users coming there from a desktop will get a
> > > frontpage with clear indication of all "catalogs", like OS2005, OS2006 and
> > > OS2007 (as of
> > > today).
> >
> > I made a mock up for the AC frontpage. You can check that out at:
> > http://breet.com/maemo/ac/
> >
> <snip>
> > I don't have a clear idea about how we would make a visual distinction
> > between the different OS selections. I added the current OS to the
> > breadcrumb, but that is about it. I think we can add a bar between the
> > breadcrumb and the splash image.

> > In this bar we can display the detected OS and an option to select the
> > OS you want, if it isn't detected correctly or the user is using a
> > desktop. This bar should also have the color of the selected OS,
> > like green for OS2007, yellow for OS2006.
> >
> We can play with the idea. I think Quim will comment more on the mockup.
> >
> > I made a OS detection function so we can select the OS for the user
> > automagically. Please test it out at: http://breet.com/maemo/detect/
> > If your tablet OS isn't detected, please let me know.
> >
> The OS detection should become a generic feature of our website. It
> would be nice to add it to some root element. Bergie could suggest
> perhaps where exactly this functionality should go.
> > [snip]
> >
> > > There is a lot more things to be done with the app catalog, but those
> > > are mainly "sql queries". All the planned changes are documented in our
> > > tracker.
> >
> > What statistics do we like to see?
> > - downloads per application
> We can only count how many times the "install icon" of an application
> has been clicked. It is difficult to get this info from squid and
> apache logs. I wonder if we could have a counter implemented in
> Midgard.
> > - applications for IT-OS-2007
> > - applications for IT-OS-2006
> > - applications for IT-OS-2005
> > Anything else?
> >
> 1. Show total amount of apps on the frontpage
> 2. Show the hottest apps of the month (which got more updates)
> 3. Show apps that work with the "single click install" approach (ie.
> apps that have a .install file)
> 4. Show the number of click on an install icon
> I think these are all we agreed to.
> > - Niels
> >
> -ferenc
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