[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Introducing Dave Neary

From: Dave Neary bolsh at gnome.org
Date: Mon Apr 28 10:17:18 EEST 2008

Quim Gil wrote:
> It's official now:
> http://maemo.org/news/announcements/view/introducing_dave_neary.html
> Dave, please confirm you are subscribed here. Welcome!


> I have assigned to Dave those orphan bugs related with content and
> documentation that we have currently with HIGH priority. Please do not
> hesitate asking anything here - it is clear that as we speak you don't
> have all the elements to fix/wontfix them. You are warned now.  :)

Don't worry, I won't be shy.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the Maemo community better, and
having them get to know me.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh at gnome.org

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