[maemo-community] Deployment of the new maemo.org logo

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at nemein.com
Date: Fri Aug 1 10:18:33 EEST 2008
2008/8/1 Quim Gil <quim.gil at nokia.com>:
> Good to know that off-site won't mean off-work.  ;)

This is a teleworking practice week before I turn into a part-time
Istanbullu. Mainly I'll be in London because I didn't want to return
to Finland for 3 days between a Haedong Kumdo seminar and aKademy :-)

> Everybody interested in mockups: follow the feedback in the page above
> and go ahead. Please use the wiki to upload your proposals.
> If we have a plan and an agreed mockup by the end of sprint4
> (2008/09/02) then we will be able to commit to implement all this in
> real code and graphics for the sprint5 (deadline for a new and tested
> layout would be ideally 2008/09/16, right before the beginning of
> http://www.osimworld.com ).

Ok. We'll see what we can do.

> The latest that should happen is to enter OSiM and the maemo Summit with
> a buggy maemo.org layout implemented looking nice in the screenshots but
> giving trouble to e.g. Explorer and Mac users + some ugly details in the
> Maemo browser. It would not be the first time...

Well, I guess if it would be done in a bit more project fashion this
time. Last time it was a bit of a last-minute hack from TigerT ;-)

> Quim Gil


Henri Bergius
Nemein - Web Craftsmanship

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