[maemo-community] Deployment of the new maemo.org logo

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Aug 1 10:26:48 EEST 2008

Quim Gil wrote:
> One of these days the winning maemo.org logo will be considered ready to
> go and we will deploy it in maemo.org with all the honors.


> Here goes a proposal easy to implement for the day we change the
> maemo.org logo. The deadline for everything is 2008-08-14 for the simple
> reason that coordinator Dave goes on vacation after that (thanks for
> pointing this out at
> https://wiki.maemo.org/100Days/Sprint3#Sprint_3_planning - useful!)

OK - given that I didn't include this in the logo task (an oversight on
my part) I'd like to propose modifying the Sprint3 objectives a little
based on this:

 - Add "maemo.org facelift" to Sprint3 (I'll extract this from the
"Improving maemo.org" task)
 - Drop "Remarkable community projects" task (in fact, my first action
here was going to be "ask what exactly needs to be done beyond
publicising this further and organising lists")

I'm now unsure if I'll get around to completing "Upstream projects"
also, but I'd like to optimistically keep it in the sprint.

While writing this mail, I also saw that Quim suggested splitting the
facelift from updating the logo - and I think this makes a certain
amount of sense. But it definitely makes sense to have "Deploy new logo"
at least in Sprint3.

How does this sound?


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