[maemo-community] Maemo forum-to-mailing list integration

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at nemein.com
Date: Wed Aug 6 19:03:20 EEST 2008
Hi, all

The maemo community is running several active mailing lists, including
maemo-users and maemo-developers. They currently have web-based
archives, but the only way to participate in the conversation is via

With forum integration the idea is to utilize Midgard's forum software
so that it will provide web-based archives that also allow posting via
web. The web-based posts will be sent to the mailing list normally.

## Status

* Originally deployed with Midgard-based maemo.org went live, but
never taken into production
* Quite ugly layout as no designer was involved
* Some bit-rot, including email importer that reads mailing list
footer instead of content into the forum messages

## Tasks done

* Fix email importer to read message contents correctly
* Fix email formatted content display via datamanager
* Fix email linking to correct thread in a way that will still work in
Midgard 1.9
* Wipe old messages and re-import the archives from mbox format (done
on my test box, next needs to be done on internal, then maemo.org)

## Open tasks

* Backport all fixes to MidCOM 2.8 branch and package
* Design new layout for the forums, the default style is not optimal
* Make dynamic-loadable "mini person profile" that we can use to show
message authors connected to their maemo.org profiles
(http://maemo.org/profile/view/quick/bergie/ is the starting point)
* Launch beta


Henri Bergius
Nemein - Web Craftsmanship

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