[maemo-community] GIF logo

From: Marcelo Oliveira handful at gmail.com
Date: Mon Aug 11 18:58:14 EEST 2008
Yes, The logo is the gradient one.
I think that is clearly the one chosen, I think we just needed more time to
make it again with the fixes, but glaubert already sent the gradient

Can you guys confirm that you have it?



On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 12:12 PM, David Greaves <david at dgreaves.com> wrote:

> Tim wrote:
> > So, why can't the web-form of the logo use the full gradient?
> Which was the one chosen after all :)
> I made a note that Peter (I think) said: "use of maemo.org logo should
> with
> gradients; exceptions can be made for technical limitations"
> This may have been revised later.
> David

Marcelo Eduardo Moraes de Oliveira
Just Handful of nothing
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