[maemo-community] Community council elections

From: Jonas Hurrelmann j at outpo.st
Date: Wed Aug 13 23:00:35 EEST 2008
On Wednesday 13 August 2008 21:44:52 Graham Cobb wrote:

> > So it would make much more sense to just accept everyone volunteering.
> > I guess there will not be many with less than 100 karma anyway, but if
> > those with less karma are committed enough and show their commitment (not
> > by karma) then i can't see any reason why they should not get a chance
> > for getting a seat in the council.
> I am less sure about this one.  I have a slight fear that fewer than 5
> people will volunteer and so we may find anyone who volunteers gets elected
> by default!

Wouldn't that be another argument to not further reduce the number of possible 
candidates artificially?

Best wishes

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