[maemo-community] Explaining karma

From: Jonas Hurrelmann j at outpo.st
Date: Thu Aug 14 17:35:49 EEST 2008

On Thursday 14 August 2008 15:06:09 Dave Neary wrote:

> [...]
> And allowing anyone to vote is not democracy at work, it is mob rule.
> [...]
> In free software communities, all opinions are not equal. There is a
> barrier to entry, which is participation.
> [...]
> I want the council to represent doers in the maemo community, not the
> ranks of observers out there who don't really contribute to improving
> things in any meaningful way.

My point is that karma is not an trustworthy indicator for participation. 
And if you really think the maemo community is a mob (sic!) who will vote for 
some inactive people who just want to gain fame (or what ever your fears are), 
I wonder why we should have elections at all to represent that "mob".

> I agree with you that we need to improve how we measure contributions,
> but doing away with any measurement on the grounds that it's
> "democratic" is not something I want to do.

If democratic processes are not what you want, then why put effort in some 
elections? Those with highest karma (who volunteer) get the job, simple as 

Best wishes

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