[maemo-community] Me, new job and the Maemo Summit 2008

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Tue Aug 26 10:22:29 EEST 2008
Hi there,

I am writing this e-mail as I think this matter has to be discussed
with all of you guys.

I am one of the accepted speaker at the Maemo Summit in Berlin. I have
a small session on Saturday at 1:00pm on how to port applications to
the Maemo platform.
I am really looking forward to it.
But.. there is now a but.

I just signed a contract for my first permanent job. It is based in
London and I will start on the 22nd of September.
That's it right after the summit (in fact I am flying on Saturday
night to London instead of Monday morning to Naples as originally

The issue is, I don't know (yet) how much time I can devote to
preparing something for the session.
What I was wondering is: should I risk and keep my session and try to
have something ready for it or should I give up and give that time to
someone that has more time to have something ready ?
I do not want to disappoint anyone. But also I don't know if there is
still time to make such a change (i.e. give my time to someone else,
if even there is someone else that wants to talk and can't because all
the slots are now full).

What are you comments/ideas on this ?


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