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From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Dec 4 13:31:47 EET 2008

Andre Cunha wrote:
> I thought that Getting started would be the most important links on that
> page, and for that reason I made orange and exclusive icons for them.
> The other areas are gourped by more specific content (help, reference,
> docs) and thats why I just drew a bullet point to be used in whichever
> link comes on thoses groups. Maybe its the case to deiferentiate even
> more the get started area from the other 3 groups. What do you think?

Yes - perhaps that would be good.

what do you think would be best to differentiate them? A different
colour background? Perhaps have the "Getting started" zone span the 2
columns underneath? I'm just thinking out loud - I'm sure you have
better ideas than me on this :)


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