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From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Sat Dec 6 00:08:35 EET 2008

I'll agree with both of your statements... Let's change the Get
Involved icon to fit within the button... And, yeah, we'll definitely
add the correct copyright info (which is just text anyway) when the
site is built.

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SUBJECT: Re: Maemo Site
FROM:  Andrew Flegg 
TO: "Tim" ,"List for community development" 
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DATE: 12/05/2008 2:53 pm
On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 8:59 PM, Tim  wrote:
> As far as I'm concerned, this is GOLD! ;)
> What say all ye?

Looks pretty damn fine!

> If we have a majority consensus on this by COB today, we're onto
> html/css phase of the home page.

I'm not too enamoured with the "Get Involved" icon (or perhaps the
fact it sticks out over the button), but that's a minor cosmetic &
subjective point; and so shouldn't stop us progressing further.

One thing which my early template had, and the HTML should contain is
that the footer should NOT say "Copyright
.... Nokia Corporation". I
think the terminology I came up with was:

   "Copyright (c) Maemo Community Council, Nokia Corporation & others

The ordering representing that the community (embodied in the
are the primary authors of the site - especially important when
maemo.nokia.com comes along.



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