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From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Dec 8 08:48:29 EET 2008

There is no need to have any "(c) Nokia Corporation" once Forum Nokia
and maemo.nokia.com are delivering the official content.

The only exception could be the wiki pages where unstable documentation
is being produced, but that could be solved with

Having "Project sponsored by Nokia" written in pure text (no Nokia logo)
in the footer is enough and will free maemo.org from any corporate brand
or legal surveillance.

Quim Gil
marketing manager, open source
Maemo Software @ Nokia

ext Tim wrote:
> Sorry, I guess I breezed over that part of Andrew's email... I also
> agree that it should be Maemo Community (sans council). I'm assuming
> that there's someone at Nokia Legal we could iron this up with?
> Tim
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>     *Date: *12/07/2008 12:46 pm
>     Hi,
>     Andrew Flegg wrote:
>     > One thing which my early template had, and the HTML should contain is
>     > that the footer should NOT say "Copyright .... Nokia Corporation". I
>     > think the terminology I came up with was:
>     >
>     > "Copyright (c) Maemo Community Council, Nokia Corporation & others
>     > 2005-$YEAR"
>     "Copyright... others" is too vague to my mind.
>     You might get away with "Copyright Maemo Community and Nokia
>     Corporation" or something similar (brain muddle right now, can't think
>     up something better).
>     > The ordering representing that the community (embodied in the Council)
>     > are the primary authors of the site - especially important when
>     > maemo.nokia.com comes along.
>     I do have a problem with the Maemo Community Council being designated as
>     a copyright holder too - it's not like there is a corporation. If we're
>     going to say "Maemo council", why not just say "Maemo community"?
>     Cheers,
>     Dave.
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