[maemo-community] 0xFFFF 0.4

From: pancake pancake at youterm.com
Date: Mon Dec 15 19:16:56 EET 2008
I have just released a new version of the Free flasher for the nokia
internet tablets (0.4).

Currently I am distributing the sourcecode and a binary build based on
Ubuntu checkinstall. Which should work on debian too.

The GUI is also distributed with the binary build together with a .desktop
icon that makes the graphical flasher utility appear in the Utilities menu.

The frontend is not much tested, but acts just as a communicator with the
query-mode flasher..that maybe will be rewritten using DBUS in a near 
but for this I'm waiting for a right implementation for Vala-DBUS.

Actually full and partial flashing and unpacking is possible with the gui,
all the rest of features can be used without like always, i have just added
support for the latest firmwares and fixed few issues on the GUI.

Please let me know if you experience any problem with it.

During this week I will release binary builds for OSX x86/ppc and linux-arm.

Does anybody knows how to make a .dmg installer?

Source code:


Ubuntu/Debian package (x86-32):


Static Linux-x86-64 build:


Static Linux-MIPS build (Loongson2F):


I have not much more battery on my laptop..so I'll upload the arm build 
for the people that wants to use the flasher natively on their tablets.



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