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From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Dec 17 11:00:09 EET 2008

Just on my way home from Gran Canaria, where I was co-ordinating the
organisation of GUADEC for the past few days - just catching up with the
thread now.

Niels Breet wrote:
> One week has passed and I haven't seen an update. Did I miss anything?

Here is the timeline of events:

Tim and I made some requests of INdT on 7/12 and 8/12 (including the
mail you quoted).

On the 8th, I asked:

On 8/12/2008, Dave Neary said:
> Next up: Can we get HTML+CSS for the front page, please, Glaubert? And
> could we see some sub-pages with this theme applied? 
> And could we start work on laying out the Community page, please?
> Andre & Glaubert, could you let us know who'll be working on what over
> the next few days, if you don't mind?

I contacted Andre and also sent an email to Glaubert on the 11th and
12th to see what was happening & get a progress report - unfortunately,
I haven't been able to get a hold of Glaubert, and I didn't know what
he'd been working on since then until I saw Andre's mail this morning.

Andre has been working on another project, and we finally got someone
working on HTML for the front page this Friday.

Andre initially proposed that he have the HTML front page by the 19th.
Because of this misunderstanding, I asked Andre if it was possible to
have something sooner, he will try to get us something by the middle of
this week. Hopefully this evening European time (Wednesday), or tomorrow
at latest.

I have explained to Andre that yourself and Nemein have been waiting for
HTML+CSS to be available to start working on the new front page, so that
we can get everyone working in parallel, he now understands what is most
urgently needed from them.

> I will also setup a new maemo2009 style dir in maemo2midgard svn, so we
> can do the development there.

This is great! Thanks Niels.


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