[maemo-community] Proposal for community firmware images

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Thu Dec 18 14:06:28 EET 2008

I've forwarded the proposal to the guys following legal and security
topics. It would be useful to have it available in a wiki page. Thanks!

> provide firmware images containing proprietary 
> contents (nokia software, hardware firmware blobs, 3rd party?, 

I can almost anticipate they will ask to leave third parties aside,
unless you get some kind of approval from their side. The deals between
Nokia and those commercial partners are usually tied to specific device
products and have clauses defining the distribution, context,

Shipping an image of a Diablo community variant including e.g. the
Diablo Flash player is already entering a grey area. Taking an
hypothetical Flash player preinstalled in an also hypothetical device
with Maemo 5 and making that binary work in a Maemo variant for the
N810/N800 would enter even a darker area.

The above exercise might be a funny challenge for an individual
developer but it definitely something Nokia wouldn't want to be remotely
involved. Maemo variants going through a maemo.org process probably
should avoid those hacks involving 3rd party commercial software as

Quim Gil

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