[maemo-community] Bug Jar: making "Most important" more useful

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Dec 22 16:44:40 EET 2008
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How to make the "Most important" ranks more useful? Currently there is a
lot of overlap with most voted + oldest. Also, how are they calculated?

We could use High/Low priority to push/pull reports to/from the Bug Jar.
The "Most important" rank would be renamed "Looking for feedback" or
something like that.


In the bugs there are several levels of severity that (I guess) help
pushing bugs as more important. With enhancement requests there is only
one level though:"enhancement".

On top of that, many times what appears in the top 10 Most Important
doesn't look like the most important to me. Although on the other hand
newest, oldest and most voted are showing topics considered very

So I was thinking of playing more with the Priority field, currently
quite unused (except on product Website). That field could mean
"priority for feedback" and we could set it High to push reports to the
Bug Jar for feedback: comments, votes, etc. Some low/normal bugs hang
there with 0/1 votes and even if they are interesting probably only
Andre and GA are aware of them.

Quim Gil

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