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From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at nemein.com
Date: Tue Dec 23 15:32:06 EET 2008

2008/12/22 Dave Neary <dneary at maemo.org>:
> Henri: are the latest versions of this usable by you for the web-page?
> While I'd obviously like for everything to line up on our target
> browsers (IE 6 & 7, FireFox 2 & 3, and the browsers on the tablets), I'm
> fearful of doing a lot of pixel-perfect work on a mock-up, and then
> having the page be unusable in the CMS.

Yes, this is definitely an important part of the process, especially
as we don't need to fit the layout into only one CMS, but actually to
multiple systems (Midgard, Mediawiki, Bugzilla, GForge etc).

I had booked time from Joonas for doing this, but unfortunately as the
HTML/CSS came so late he couldn't get it done before the Christmas
holidays. So, I'm sure he'll return to this first thing after new

Happy holidays, BTW!

> Dave.


Henri Bergius
Nemein - Web Craftsmanship

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