[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Search -box responsibilities

From: József Pap jozsef.pap at nemein.com
Date: Wed Jan 30 18:59:59 EET 2008

I had a chat with Ferenc about what should be done to search -related
bugs. As agreed on Tuesday a new category should be opened to these bugs.

Jake (as we already knew) should be the one to open a new component and as
an error manage could put the bugs there.

Niels, who already has full access to it, is apparently only one with
experience of configuring it. This implies that the search related bugs
will become his area. Niels, if you want to share your
information/responsibility of this section, bad idea wouldn't be doing
some sort of document about it, in case something happens.

Best regards,


Jozsef Pap
+358 20 198 6036
jozsef.pap at nemein.com

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