[maemo-community] Profiles, work, hobby... (was RE: [Maemo summit] the texts and screesshots)

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jul 3 12:31:16 EEST 2008
Once the registration is open and announced we should probably focus on
this detail:

>> - In addition of "Company" there should be a field for 
>> But what about putting instead "Work" and "Hobby", explaining in the 
>> registration "The company that hires you" and "The main volunteering 
>> project you are involved".
>--> Changed this. On the event-page there is Work and Hobby and on the
>registration form there is those two fields

The Work and Hobby fields are not in the user profile yet. They should
be integrated and then we should get rid of the "Related with Nokia"
field that was used for the device program.

This is the bug addressing the issue:

Defining company and role in profiles

By the way, solving this bug is also a requirement for Dave to complete
his task on the Who is Who (users with Work=Nokia would appear as Nokia
employees). Since this task and the registrations are committed to this
sprint, I will change the priority of this bug to HIGH. Please assign it
to whoever corresponds.



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