[maemo-community] Strings in live registration

From: Quim Gil quimgil at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jul 3 21:34:17 EEST 2008
Hi, I'm going to put all the links and launch this.

There are some details (many already reported) still there but no showstoppers:

At https://maemo.org/news/events/maemo_summit-001/

- Still says "Allready"
- the Role field says always "Standard" even if the value introduced is another.
- "Company" = "Work"
- "Hobby" column seems to be missing?
- "Not requested" should be blank space.

Niels, I think it's confusing that you put "Nokia". You are funded by
Nokia, but not hired. Think that that field will be used to triage
Nokia employees etc.

There we go, then!

Quim Gil /// http://flors.wordpress.com

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