[maemo-community] Getting more input on WPotD

From: Jason Edgecombe jason at rampaginggeek.com
Date: Wed Jul 9 21:07:45 EEST 2008
Andrew Fl egg wrote:
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> From: Andrew Flegg <andrew at bleb.org>
> Date: Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 9:06 AM
> Subject: Getting more input on WPotD
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> Hi,
> I'm worried about the state of the maemo.org community: most of the
> work is being done by the "usual suspects". Dave's efforts to push the
> wiki pages of the day seemed to have a bit of a flurry, but not really
> a wider takeup outside of the Wiki Action Group. Registrations for the
> summit, at the time of writing, are standing at *just* 25 at the time
> of writing.
> What this means for engagement with the proposed council, or other
> community issues, I don't know.
> Was the first summit always going to be a small-scale affair? What can
> we do to publicise it to other mobile (Linux) developers and get them
> interested in it as a gateway to Maemo as a whole?
I think we may need some application tie-ins or really great use cases
to show off. I'm the maintainer of the opencast and krb5 packages and I
gave a presentation on it at the Kerberos & OpenAFS workshop in May 2008.

I think we need to look for tie-ins with applications like "Hey you can
take app X in your pocket". I did that at the openafs workshop and I
admit that I'm trying to tap the maemo community to get people
interested in openafs, but it's reciprocal, so it's all good. One of the
openafs guys bought an N810 and made some file manager tweaks to make
openafs work faster on maemo.

I have trouble communicating the potential of this platform to some
other geeks. It has great potential but it's not obvious.

Have you tried contact Linux Jounal to advertise the summit? They LOVE
the Nokia tablets.

Perhaps someone could put an entry on freshmeat.net for maemo to let
everyone know that diablo is out.

BTW, I'll work on getting openafs on diablo, but I've been busy lately
and I have to get stuff working with the autobuilder.


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