[maemo-community] Preparing the Sprint2 review

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jul 14 17:24:16 EEST 2008
Hi, there is one week left in the current sprint.

Once again, we are lacking a common knowledge of what is going on,
despite the improvements. https://wiki.maemo.org/100Days/Sprint2 or this
mailing list don't reflect the real status of most tasks.

In principle, nobody has raised a flag asking for help or predicting
delays. No oranges or reds in the wiki page either. Does this means that
everything is going fine? That all the tasks will be completed by the
end of the sprint?

Make my day saying that yes, everything is fine. Or even better, update
your tasks and bugs status at https://wiki.maemo.org/100Days/Sprint2
putting oranges and reds where you think there is a problem and help is
appreciated.  :)


Quim Gil
marketing manager, open source
Maemo Software @ Nokia

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