[maemo-community] RFC - logo submissions

From: Fran Rosa Soler fran.sr.rosa at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jul 29 18:48:27 EEST 2008
Before commenting, I have to say I didn't know anything about Maemo
and maemo.org before this contest, so my opinion is based only on
visual criteria.

I already made a submission, and as the self-centred graphic designer
I am, obviously I think mine is the best. But in the improbable case I
won't win, I think a good alternative could be (in order of

The '.org' could be more integrated, but I really love this one

Again, the '.org' could be more integrated, but the idea is so simple
and it works good (even in just one color)

But probably most of you would prefer a submission with a symbol to
win, and not just typography (being a typographic submission what I
prefer). In this case, there are two options (in my opinion):

Again, the '.org' could be more integrated, but I love the pixel style
symbol, and the way it works with the typography. Maybe readability
could be improved

I think this symbol has too much potential, but I really don't like
the typography used, and maybe doesn't work properly together with the

And remember, the most important part of the message was 'mine is the best'. ;-)


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