[maemo-community] New profile listings

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Jul 30 15:48:45 EEST 2008

Unfortunately, I can't see the new listing.

One thing I will say is that only having "working for" and not
"Affiliated with Nokia" in the listing is going to mask people working
for Openismus, Nemein, or myself. But I guess that's not a big deal.


Henri Bergius wrote:
> Hi, all
> Would be great to have a comments round before we move the new profile
> lists to production. Those blessed with access to internal can see
> them in http://internal.maemo.org/profile/list/
> For others, refer to screenshot in
> http://www.nehmer.net/~bergie/maemo-new-karma-profile-list.png

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