[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Locking the old wiki, and changing the Wiki link

From: Niels Breet niels at maemo.org
Date: Wed Jun 11 13:04:07 EEST 2008
> Hi all,
> The time has come to lock the old wiki, if it's possible, and make all
> of the pages immutable.
> I'd really like to have a note added to the top of each page that says
> "This wiki is now deprecated. Please visit [URL of MediaWiki]. If the
> page you are interested in is not yet migrated to the new wiki, please feel
> free to do so." (or something similar).
> Also, I'd like the "Wiki" link in the main page on maemo.org to point to
> http://wiki.maemo.org now.
> Who's the best person to ask to have the old wiki locked and have the
> main link on maemo.org changed? Marcell?

I'll take care of that.

> Thanks,
> Dave.
Niels Breet
maemo.org webmaster

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