[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Cleaning up the mailinglists situation

From: David Greaves david at dgreaves.com
Date: Thu Jun 12 11:58:50 EEST 2008
Niels Breet wrote:
> Here is a proposal for the new mailinglist situation, with less channels
> and clearer subjects. Quim asked me to post this to this list.
> We create a new maemo-community list. This list is for verything related
> to the maemo.org community including webservices, ..... Basically it is
> used for the things we discuss on maemo2midgard atm plus everything
> community related that is now being discussed on -developers.
(add 1 list)
(remove 1 list)

> This way we can clean up maemo-developers to be a pure developers list.
Any development?
framework/apis : Qt/gtk/kernel
applications written in C/C++/python, hildon/gtk/Qt
Quite a broad range of stuff in there... but I guess the volume's quite low.
(keep list)

> End users should still be using maemo-users.
What's the overlap? bug chasing process?
Some places the devs will attempt to fillet you with a spoon if you ask a
slightly user-y question on the dev list - others accept questions provided
they're well researched.
(keep list)

> After an announcement on maemo-announce, this list will be closed too.
> This mailinglist isn't very known an has a very low volume of messages. We
> can better use the garage site wide messages if we have some really
> important announcements.
May I say that this sounds like you ought to sign everyone up to -announce,
publicise it better on the lists and actually use it! Do the site-wide messages
have appropriate List-Id type headers to allow email filtering?
I'd say a site-wide message would be used for, oh, SSL certificate
announcements? security breaches, site planned downtime.
Another benefit of retaining an -announce is that you can probably get people
like http://lwn.net/ to subscribe and include -announce emails in their distro
section. It's just the way things are done...
Next thing you know you'll be suggesting the email lists are replaced by forums
(remove 1 list)

> This will bring the number of lists down from 5 to 3. All with a clear
> purpose and equally visible for the outside world.
Sounds sensible.
Since you are making these changes and you will be getting new users, may I
suggest a monthly reminder/notification to the user list that succinctly states
the various lists and their purpose.

(So you add 1 list, remove 2 list and somehow go from 5 to 3?
Did I miss something? :) )


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