[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] maemo.org logo contest?

From: Dave Neary bolsh at gnome.org
Date: Tue Jun 17 02:18:46 EEST 2008

A few of the questions are going through a to-and-fro, and need a line
in the sand drawn.

I think that we can put an end to the discussions on submission
guidelines in terms of file formats, size and rules. The discussion on
how this will be judged will go on and on - I think naming a small group
of judges with some from the community, and at least one from Nokia is a
good idea.

It might be an idea to have someone from Nokia Legal be on-hand to
handle legal screening and avoid risk at the end of the process. We
probably need a ruling on the range of licences, copyright assignment or
licence grant which we need to exploit the winning logo before
beginning. A guideline on age would also be useful.

One other open question: Maemo or maemo or maemo.org? All three are used
in the logo page, and being clear on whether we're looking for a logo
for Maemo or maemo.org is a prerequisite.

In terms of who can submit, I disagree with limiting it to people with
maemo.org accounts - surely lots of artists don't have one of those.

So while I started working on "cleaning up" the page earlier, there are
still a few open questions which need answers before we can launch a
logo competition, IMHO.


Quim Gil wrote:
> Quim Gil wrote:
>> Have a look at https://wiki.maemo.org/Task:maemo.org_logo_contest
> Nobody has contested the Maemo & maemo.org brands thing so I'm
> considering this as a decision.
> Let's kick off the contest. Can someone i.e. Dave or Niels or both push
> the last centimeters at the wiki page above (see the Discussion page) in
> order to clear up the last details and announce the contest?
> The only serious item left seems to be the selection process. I don't
> know you, but I think that we can kick announce the contest so people
> can start working and submitting. There is plenty of time to decide the
> selection process before it's in place on August 1.

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