[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Voting system - Community Council

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jun 21 01:12:19 EEST 2008
Hello everybody, :)

We need a voting system for both the maemo.org logo contest and the  
community council elections. They'll both basically break down to the  
same requirements we'll be using the Garage accounts (like the wiki),  
and we need to be able to filter those based on the age of the account  
OR a karma threshold (i.e. in order to vote an account must either be  
more than a month old OR have more than 25 karma points).

See the discussion here:


The maemo.org logo contest voting should be fairly straightforward,  
one user, one vote. Pick from a list of logos (not sure how long this  
will be, we may have to narrow it down before it goes to voting based  
on the number of submissions). The community council elections may be  
a little more complicated. At the moment it's one user, one vote, the  
5 candidates with the most votes form the council, but that may be  
changed to one user, 5 votes. We'll see what happens, but we may need  
more configuration options on that one.

Anyway, it's not super urgent, probably a month from now at the  
earliest, but it'll probably need a bit of discussion to figure out  
what's needed and what's feasible and a bit more time after that to  

Ryan Abel, a.k.a. GeneralAntilles
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