[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Proposal for permissions structure & official docs in wiki

From: Dave Neary bolsh at gnome.org
Date: Thu Jun 26 18:52:28 EEST 2008

As some of you may know, the first "official" documentation still in
beta will be arriving in the wiki shortly.

After this first run, which will help us to see what we can do for
gtk-doc to mediawiki and back (eurgh), we'll have beta documentation
published in the wiki.

This doesn't mean that it'll be open to all comers. Everyone will have
read access to the pages, and r/w access to the Talk pages for the docs,
but only Nokia editors (people in the nokiaeditors group) and sysops
will have write access to the pages. We trust sysops to know when they
may and may not change a page.

The 5 documents which are most important, and thus in the most need of
wikification, is, for me:

Maemo release documentation

I had intended, before yesterday, to have a longer list which included
the quick start guide, the platform SDk documentation, the porting
guide, the "writing maemo applications" guide, but the Maemo
documentation team went right ahead and merged everything into one
book-sized document!

The permissions structure should be simple to work: Nokia editors will
be in the nokiaeditors group, any SysOps can add people to that group,
all Talk pages will be read/write, and the imports will need to be done
mostly by hand :(

Sound good?


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