[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Sprint planning minutes

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Fri Mar 7 14:59:29 EET 2008
Today we had February review & March sprint planning meeting with Jozsef
and Henri from Nemein, Niels, Marcell and myself. 



- Cache issues: images not served, old stuff out, not updating, wiki
redirect? - Eero
Progress done, still glitches.

- Midgard version change - Niels

- maemo.org bugzilla components clean - all

- Implement calendar component - Joszef
In internal, waiting for approval.

- API downloads fixed - Henri
Partially done, still some issues.

- Full news content - Henri
Not done.

- Favoriting UI improvement - Jerry
Done in internal server, ok for Niels. Needs to be implemented in

- maemo extras + extras-devel: a plan. - Niels
Done. Plan is there and more (builder, promotion interface, needs

- report to community: introducing Niels, month sprint mode... - Quim

- Upgrade GForge - Marcel
Not started.

- Google Search: what to do. - Joszef
Started, not completed. We need the ISP.

- Plan for login issues - Joszef
Some progress. https still an issue but requires infrastructure

39 High bugs still open at the end of the sprint.

Decision on improving reporting through wiki page with tasks and bugs
where team updates.



- Server infrastructure plan - Eero
-- Cache issues: images not served, old stuff out, not updating, wiki
redirect? - Eero
-- Plan for login issues (depends on infrastructure improvement) -

- Documenting bugzilla components ownership and status + Reporting -

- Implement calendar component - Jozsef

- API downloads fixed - Henri

- Full news content - Henri

- Favoriting UI improvement - Jozsef

- maemo extras + extras-devel: a beta published. - Niels

- Upgrade GForge, a plan. - Eero.

- Google Search fix. - Marcell

- Clean old documentation bugs - Jarmo

- MediWiki, a plan shared with maemo developers - Niels

45 High bugs planned for March sprint.

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