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From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Mar 18 09:26:25 EET 2008
Can someone post an answer to the maemo lists so we stop this thread of
sarcasm helped by our silence? Thanks.


ext maemo2midgard-discussion-bounces at garage.maemo.org wrote:
> I have some idea. It started last week Thursday, at that time bugzilla
> did not work at all. I called Ixonos and they fixed it somehow, but
> since then it is in read-only mode. I reported that on Friday and tried
> to call them on Monday and finally Monday afternoon they called me back.
> They said that it will take time, because according to them on the
> database end everything is fine, but bugzilla still says that it does
> not have write access to the db. Ixonos is investigating.
> /Marcell
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>> Do you know what is happening to bugzilla?
>> Quim
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