[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Maemo Extras and weak SSH keys

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc.szekely at gmail.com
Date: Fri May 16 14:29:48 EEST 2008
Hello Michael,

Michael Arndt wrote:
> Hi Ferenc,
> you once invited me to upload packages to maemo-extras. I pasted my
> ssh-key there. Please remove it now because it is affected by the
> Debian-OpenSSL problem (my username on garage: scriptkiller):
>  /home/michael/.ssh/id_rsa_maemo.org.pub:1: weak key
> You should also check *ALL* user-contributed keys on garage as there
> already exist exploits.
> Just in case you didn't hear about it:
>  http://wiki.debian.org/SSLkeys
Thank you for pointing out this exploit. I have removed your previous
SSH pub key from GForge's database as well as the autherized_keys2 files
from your home. Beside these I emailed you a new invitation to extras.

Please fill in a form again and try your new key in about an hour after
you complete the registration.

We will check all keys on garage and inform those who are affected.

> Thanks,
>   Michael
I appreciate your warning, thanks again!


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