[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] Wiki migration

From: Dave Neary bolsh at gnome.org
Date: Mon May 19 13:44:18 EEST 2008

Quim Gil wrote:
> Just a couple of words having gone through one wiki migration (Ferenc
> might have his say as well, since he went through 2)
> Before spending more days, you might want to look at the amount of
> useful pages to be moved. You might end up doing less work through
> manual migration than scripting, migrating automatically and reviewing
> all pages with possible retouch fixes.

I did one manual migration - which took me between 25 minutes and a half
an hour for one page.

There are currently 430 pages in the wiki. I figure that we will be
moving under half of them.

My plan, following on from your advice, is to do the following:

* List pages to migrate (about 150, maybe)
* Do an automated migration of these pages, and let the herd loose
tweaking the migrated pages
* Review the content of these pages after the migration

For the pages, we don't migrate, suggest that if people feel the content
is useful that they migrate the content manually. We should insist that
there be no orphan pages, and the first page we need to review
post-migration is the index page, which needs to be much better.

> Think also that migrating pages is something anybody can do, as opposed
> to go through an automated migration.

The advantage of the automation is that I've done most of the work
already :) We can have a usable MediaWiki in about half an hour after
launching the script. I get your point about the cost of moigrating a
page, and if there were only 20 useful pages, I'd agree with you, but
the wiki syntaxes are so different that we really need to do something
to translate the syntax. Perhaps a script doinjg this, which people
helping with the migration could use, would be sufficient.

>> The wiki clean-up will continue to live in
>> http://maemo.org/community/wiki/wikireorg/ 
> That page (I know it very well)  ;)  lists 6 useful pages in English +
> lots of probably pretty useless pages today in English + many pages in
> other languages that could be handled by the speakers of those languages
> in the way they prefer.

OK, if you agree that we should not migrate all foreign language
content, and only content related to maemo 4.x, I can generate a list of
pages to move and propose that today.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh at gnome.org

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